Dixie Del’s Cut Flowers

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About Us:

I was a born florist! From the time I could walk I was filling my lucky basket with camellias, hydrangeas, and azaleas to share with my elderly neighbors. It was my first floral subscription service, really. A true CSA seeing as how most of the flowers were coming from my neighbor’s yards. It was a passion that I developed from a young age and I’m forever appreciative to Mrs. Mattie Lee, Mrs. Margie, and Mama Wolfe for tolerating me stealing flowers out of their yard. When I was old enough to ride my bike down to the town cemetery I discovered the trash pile of discarded funeral stands, casket saddles, Styrofoam floral forms, and urns which I would drag home to the backyard. There my love for floral design blossomed.

It was destiny, I suppose, that my Aunt Rita and Uncle Hank moved to town and bought the local floral shop when I was 13 years old. They taught me to drive in a floral delivery van………..God bless them! Growing up in the floral industry in the temperate Low Country of South Carolina exposed me to many beautiful flowers, mosses, and ferns. My interest in growing flowers and plant knowledge peaked when my husband, Dale, and I moved our family to the rich fertile farm country of Iowa.

Now we live in Eastern Washington, and I have the pleasure of being able to teach high school students all about Floriculture and Horticulture just the way I learned it, as a teenager. With over 30 years of experience in the floral industry in full-service floral shops and grocery floral, I’m excited to grow beautiful flowers at home with my family. We offer full-service wedding design, U Pick opportunities in the summer, fresh Farmer’s Market bouquets, and the Public Market at the Columbia River Warehouse.

Georgia Carr

Just A Southern Gal Who Loves Flowers!