Party Pretzelz

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About Us:

Party Pretzelz LLC sells all-natural, biodegradable smoking pipes. John Jurewicz “Johnny Pretzel” began making these pipes ten years ago. Each pipe is carefully handcrafted for quality and perfection. They deliver a smooth, quality hit while offering benefits that other pipes cannot. They are biodegradable, but if cleared regularly and kept from water, they will last forever. These BIO pipes come in a variety of colors and are also available as a pretzel with salt. Even though they look delicious, they are sold as non-edible. They’re great for traveling and on the go. Even if you are not a smoker, it is a great novelty item to share with your family and friends. Everyone loves an exclusive gift they have never been given. John has always had a passion for helping Mother Nature and when he discovered he could contribute by creating and selling a unique smoking device, nothing could stop him from making it a reality. For now, John wants to focus his attention on planting trees due to the insane amount of large forest fires these last couple of years. So, with every pipe purchased, Party Pretzelz will donate enough funds to plant a tree in various areas around the world! The future goal of this company is to benefit the big picture for the generations to come. John wants to benefit the community as well, so Party Pretzelz will be choosing various charities to cycle through and donate to with every pipe purchased.