Sad Girl Self Care

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About Us:

It all started with a bomb…

How did bath bombs save my life? It all started in December 2019. I hit a low in my life, I was severely depressed, and hopeless, and I wanted to disappear. My partner suggested I do something for myself, something that could lift my mood. We decided on bath bombs. I researched the process and bought all of the supplies. And a week later….I had a giant volcano mess on my dining room floor. I almost gave up right there, but I decided to give it another try. Ten failed attempts, and tons of swear words later, I ended up with something that VAGUELY resembled a bath bomb. I was addicted. From then on, I made a batch or two every day until I had perfected the process. This led to another problem, I now had more bath bombs than I knew what to do with.

My solution? Sell them to family and friends. And such was the birth of Sad Girl Self Care, Which was named after my determination to create something out of nothing when I felt I had nothing to offer.

We hand-make bath bombs, sugar scrubs, soaps, candles, beard care, and more! Within creating this brand, I also want to focus my time and energy bringing awareness to the problems we face in this country with mental health. The lack of funding, lack of accessibility to care and resources, and the giant stigma surrounding all things mental health. I openly encourage you to come in, say hello, and talk with me about your struggles. Together, we can change the story.